Kiskiminetas Township Ordinances

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Ordinance Number


Vacation of part of Township Rd known as No. T-548

Elders Ridge Joint Municipal Authority

Nuisance: Garbage, Burning, Prohibiting – amended by 1-1973

Speed Limits in the Townsip

Per Capita Tax

Social Security

Adopting streets/alleys in Grandview & Owens View home sites

Disorderly Conduct – amended by 2-1973

Gross Weight limit on township roads

Right of Way Agreement

Adopting streets/alleys in Knepshield & Patterson Plans

Prohibiting opening, construction or dedication for public uses or travel of any road, street, lane or alley or any drainage facilities

Dedication of roads & drainage facilities & approval of plans/lots

Vacating a portion of township road #460

Vacating parts of State Highway Route 379, Sect R-2

Adopting certain roads in Miller Plan, Virginia Marks Plan, Brownstown Plan, Part of T-460 & parts of roads leading to Brownstown/Redtown

Regulating peddling & requiring peddlers to obtain licenses

Adopting roads in Shellhammer lane, G.I. Road, Shaffer RoadTalmadge Ave, Miller Plan & Warren Heights Plan

Organize Kiskiminetas Township Municipal Authority

Earned Income Tax

Regulating junk dealers and issuing license

Establishing fire hydrant districts

Adopting certain streets in Shellhammer Plan

Authorizing KTMA to construct and repair water lines

Adopting certain streets in Shellhammer Plan

Purchase agreement with KVWPCA

Vacating parts of state legislative routes 03167 and 03043 all within the boundary limits of township

Amendment to fire hydrant rental agreement

Installation of fire hydrants along water lines of MAWC

Licensing of outdoor amusements

Adopting certain streets in Deerwood Manor

Forming Township Planning Commission

Changing the name of Highland Ave & Summit Ave as authorized by 5702, Paragraph XXXVII

Amending No. 3-51, Prohibiting the Erection, Creation, or Maintenance of nuisance, garbage, burning prohibited
Amending No. 7-55 Disorderly conduct
Prohibiting the burning of combustible materials of noxious Nature and confining the burning of combustible materials of Non-noxious nature including grass or weed fields during certain hours – amended by 2-1974
Prohibiting the accumulation or storage of junked, abandoned or discarded vehicles, trailers, boats, appliances or household furnishings

Notice of Enactment – Approval of an Engineer’s Report – Sewage Construction – KVWPCA

Notice of Enactment – A Service Agreement – KVWPCA

Authorizing and granting to KVWPCA the right and privilege to install construct, maintain, use, repair and replace and remove sanitary sewer lines in, along, under and across streets, roads, alleys and Right-of-ways

Directing and requiring the connection of all occupied buildings with public sanitary sewers, directing and requiring the the abandonment of privy vaults, cesspools and septic tanks and prohibiting the erection and construction of same

Providing that no public streets be opened or cut by any person firm, corporation or utility without first securing a permit
Amending the Burning Ordinance No.3 -73 prohibiting the burning of combustible materials of noxious nature and confining the burning of combustible materials of non-noxious nature including grass or weed fields during certain hours
A tax for General Revenue Purposes on the transfer of Real Estate Property under the Local Tax Enabling Act

Laying out, opening and adopting certain roads and streets completely within the boundary limits

Vacating portions of roads wholly within the township

Prescribing one way traffic on a section of Township Rd. No. 329 and 460

Community Antenna Television Franchise Ordinance granting to Liberty TV Cable, Inc

Vacating a portion of township Road No. 458 known as Hollobaugh Rd

An ordinance requiring all persons etc. to obtain a building permit exception certification for the construction, reconstruction, enlargement, or re-location of any building or structure

Adopting certain streets – Warren Ave, Plan of Lots

Weight and load limits on Twp Rd No. 486


Flood insurance


Amending Ordinance No. 1-77, Building Permit Ordinance and fees

Occupation Privilege Tax

Adoption of Fourth Street in Miller Plan to road systems

Adoption of Edmon Road into road system

Rainbow Control

$10.00 Occupation Privilege Tax – engaging in an occupation within the limits of the township

Adoption of Names for Township Roads
Interjurisdictional Pre-treatment Agreement between the KVWPCA and Kiski Township

Penalties for the violation of the Rules and Regulations governing Industrial Sewer use

Controlling traffic on certain roads and providing penalties

Building permit Construction and Development

Amending portions of township ordinance 1-86, as amended by township ordinance no. 1-87, also known as the Kiskiminetas Township Flood Plain Ordinance
Providing for the vacation of a portion of township road T-341

Amending portions of township ordinance 1-86, also known as the Kiskiminetas Township Flood Plain Ordinance

Regulate hauling in excess of posted weight limit

Sewer system rules and regulations

Amending portions of township ordinance 1-86, as amended by township ordinance no. 1-87, also known as the Kiskiminetas Township Flood Plain Ordinance
Controlling traffic on roads in the township and providing penalties for violation of traffic control ordinances
An ordinance to promote and protect the public health, safety, general welfare, privacy and by regulating the operating of recreational vehicles
Amending the penalty provisions of various township ordinances

Burning ordinance

Zoning Ordinance

Prohibiting the accumulation or storage of refuse

Joining the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Risk Management Association

KVWPCA Regulations

Amending zoning ordinance 2-89

Police Co-Operative Agreement

CATV Agreement

Garbage and Refuse Regulations
Agreement with PennDOT to regulate weight restrictions

KVWPCA requested ordinance foro specific site discharge limits

Amendments to the township zoning ordinance

Canal Rd waterline connection of all buildings

Brownstown Rd waterline connection of all buildings

Compensation pay for township supervisors – Act 68, 1985

KVWPCA new discharge regulations

Garbage and Refuse Regulations 

Telecommunication antennas, towers and facilities

Regulating peddlers, solicitors, and transient merchants
Apollo area community pool and regional recreation authority

Delete Agriculture as a permitted use in the “R” Residential District

Prohibiting noise caused by barking dogs

Approving Agricultural Security Area proposal with additions and modifications

Regulation of planting and maintaining trees and shrubbery along public ways

Zoning ordinance for gas and oil exploration

Naming of streets and installation of street signs, numbering of houses

Repeals & Amendments to 1-2015

PSATS Unemployment Comp Group Trust

Permits required for construction or development, areas subject to Flooding, new construction and penalties

Abandoned Property both personal and real

Township manager requirements, power, duties and responsibilities

Zoning ordinance corrections

PA Local Government Investment

Stormwater Management

Establishing a vehicle weight limit of six thousand (6,000) pounds/three (3) tons for McCartney Hollow road bridge (t-460) and Chestnut Road bridge (t-468)

Retirement Plan

Defined Benefit Pension

Parking on highways, roads and streets

Creating The Kiski Township Sewage Authority

Regulating the access and opening of any street or road owned and maintained by the township

Regulating the possessing, keeping, treating and transport of  exotic, venomous, and dangerous animals

Driveway Ordinance

Resolution setting zoning fees

Imposing restrictions as to the weight of vehicles operated upon certain township highways and bridges & more